How to buy BaaSid (BAAS) in 2020?

100% Decentralized DB Network

BaaSid is a completely new authentication network that does not have a separate centralized DB server, but is certfied in a private information public network.

Split & Distribution Engine

BaaSid splitting and distributing, saving sensitive personal information such as individual ID, PW, certificate, biometrics information and image without original informations

Data Split Engine

Data on personal information is encrypted, then split into thousands of small fragments after which a split ID with a characteristic value is created. At this time, the source is discarded and simply no longer exists anywhere.

Distribution Engine(Allocation)

The encrypted data fragments (Split ID) that were thoroughly split are then split and distributed to the fastest nodes (split block).

Split ID

The personal information of participants is split into thousands of fragments using the split engine and all these fragmented Split IDs are then encrypted and the Split IDs that are different from one another are then stored within the split blocks they belong to.
This resembles the process of the biggest advantage of Peer to Peer (P2P), taking the values of separated data allocation and split and distributed fragments and finding the fastest nodes and data most rationally, then combining them to form something that resembles the one source that can be downloaded or restored.

Personal Authentication from Unspecified Individuals

Quickly and safely combine and authenticate participants’ personal information fragments by recalling them from an unspecified number of public networks.
The split IDs of the participants maintain each of the unique password codes along with the public key, and this unique split data will be maintained continuously and safety through the virtual currency wallet of “BaaSid” and through ongoing transactions.
And when participants and an unspecified number of partcipants participate to access a specific internet service, they will be mutually granted one-time instant access which confirms the verification.

Unify Complex Authentication “One Pass”

All of the participant’s information is stored without original in an unspecified number of public networks and it proves ‘me’ when needed at any time. “BaaSid” sanctions and confirms all verifications based on the consent of an unspecified number of participants.
This is based on participation by a number of blockchains, and values that are more creative and unique from one another give it more value.
The logic where it would seem personal information or privacy should be respected and protected.
Even within the blockchain service, the practice of saving personal information on a third party institution’s or provider’s server that persists is no different from the centralization of banks, financial institutions and certain groups that preceded the start of the blockchain. However, the blockchain still has no answer to that no offers any guarantees.
“BaaSid’s” BaaS API enables providers to free themselves from the accountability of such protections and of the management of unique important information, and offers various services to release providers from the personal information policy, implementation and stages that can prove to be puzzling.

“DB Governance” of BaaSid Participants

“BaaSid” participants are clients that are already aggressive and have potential, and they make up the database for a safe login and verification where they trust one another and verify one another.
“BaaSid” does not particularly discriminate between blockchain based services and web or app based services. The user(participant) needs both services, and this is because the users benefit providers in various ways.
“BaaSid” participants are clients that are already aggressive and have potential, and they make up the database for a safe login and verification where they trust one another and verify one another.
In other words, “BaaSid” participants can access all websites(application standard of “BaaSid’s” API) including those of financial institutions, banks, brokerages, and retail with tight security and convenience, quickly and safely.
“BaaSid” has this type of potential customer infrastructure and users and is also a form of “verification managed governance.”

How to buy BaaSid (BAAS) in 2020?

If you want to buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), BaaSid (BAAS) or any other altcoins, you have two options: if you don’t mind KYC (Know Your Customer) policy, you can create an account with CoinBase. Because of KYC policy, the site will ask for various papers like ID, proof of address and so on. If you want to go anonymous, you can create an account with Binance or KuCoin. On those last two sites you won’t need any proof of identity as long as you don’t exchange large amount of cryptocurrencies. Just click on one of the above link and follow some simple steps to open your own crypto account.

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