How to buy Polybius (PLBT) in 2020?

Polybius is a financial company, founded and publicly funded in 2017 in Tallinn, Estonia. Throughout the following year, Polybius’ team has expanded to Belgium, headquartering in the capital of the European Union – Brussels. During the period, the team has been designing and developing the strategy and the main product – the Osom app.

Osom is designed to be a universal, currency-agnostic and legally regulated finance management tool for first European, and then global markets with more than two bank accounts per capita. As that appears to be the case in many regions of Europe, with new
financial products seeing growing demand, it is expected that the product and services of will gain the popularity required for further advancement throughout the EU.

The core pillars of the project are regulations and technology, which allow the planned product to be compatible with other market participants and potential customers. The backbone of planned services is the Payment Services Directive 2, issued by the European Central Bank, as well as growing demand for aggregation services and increased integration of new payments mechanisms. Growing smartphone adoption across the EU provides the required infrastructure for Osom app to operate.

The team behind the project involves individuals with high expertise in finance, digital innovation, product development and marketing, coming from companies such as Credit Suisse, Solvay, Pipedrive and L’Oreal.
Osom – is a brand-new tool for managing personal finances, that comes straight out of the latest European regulations and some clever innovations around user experience. Using the emerging technologies as well as research, Osom aims to offer refined money-management opportunities to its European customers.

Among the top planned features of Osom are: currency-agnostic aggregation of debit and credit balances, integration of both classical and modern financial assets across banks, crypto wallets and exchanges, per-transaction spending/saving analysis and some other, more traditional products. Aggregation of financial information within a single dashboard is only the first step in the list of planned value-adding features. One of the main goals is to help people not just navigate through finances, but to stay in full control over the personal financial liquidity, leveraging on the finest offers the EU market has to offer.

The product will stay in the development stage until 2019, when it is planned to go live and onboard its first customers. Closed alpha test has been initiated on December 1 2018.

During this phase, feedback from the pre-selected batch of users will be collected and implemented in the development plan. Among the primary markets for the service are Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and France, with more EU countries to follow in 2020.

How to buy Polybius (PLBT) in 2020?

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