Automated trading robots are returning to what they were before the ‘crypto winter,’ so this time, we have to talk about one that has come to draw the interest of many investors worldwide: BitiCodes.

This online bot for trading cryptocurrencies has Bitcoin (BTC) as the main token in its database, as well as Ethereum and various altcoins that are very popular in the blockchain market.

BitiCodes is a platform that uses a technologically advanced algorithm to identify and predict potentially profitable movements for its users and trade them on their behalf in a matter of seconds.

How does BitiCode work?

As well as the rest of the automated crypto trading bots, this one is created based on a complex algorithm powered by technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data to operate in the complicated universe of cryptocurrencies.

As mentioned above, their website states that they have a win rate of 96.2%, which we have not been able to verify directly.

However, what can be seen on social networks and Reddit forums is that, although it does not reach that percentage, it is very close to 90%, which is still impressive. We invite you to inform yourself in detail about their features and usage conditions by reading the comprehensive  BitiCodes review.

From its official website, its developers indicate that the algorithm has already been ‘trained’ with information about the markets and that it has a database with up-to-date trends. These allow it to predict and identify potentially profitable operations for its users when buying the cryptocurrencies it has at its disposal and the contracts for difference (CDF) with which it trades.

Funds management

BitiCodes identifies a potentially positive trading opportunity for the user and automatically takes the funds from the open trading account to open a position in the market. Previously, the investor may have determined a particular amount for these operations, so it may not be all that is deposited in the wallet. Later the bot will monitor this action, its prices, news, and information and will close the position when it reaches the objective set by the same software or by the trader, or in case of losses until the established stop loss.

At the end of each operation, the funds used in it and the profits obtained are returned to the operator’s wallet without charging anything. At this time, the funds can be immediately withdrawn or used for other operations. In fact, you can perform these types of actions at the same time.

BitiCodes can operate using predetermined parameters by the algorithm that controls it since the system allows adjustments that are made automatically and instantly adapt to the investor’s modes and styles.

Another key detail is that this automated online trading robot is perfectly capable of working on the crypto market 24 hours a day, non-stop. You can multiply this by the seven days of the week or the 365 days of the year. It just doesn’t stop. And this is able do in the market of all the cryptocurrencies and CFDs it accepts.

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